College Group Learns About Healing

Jonny Wisan  Aug 28, 2012

My college group is just learning about healing. We had dinner and the film "Fingerprint of God" at the church pastor's house last Sunday night. We watched about half of the film, and our pastor said (paraphrased) "well, now let's implement what we just saw." So he began playing worship songs while us kids prayed for each other. My friend and I prayed twice for one guy, and his eye allergies (which had been burning since before church that morning) TOTALLY cleared up! Then everyone prayed for the youth pastor who's had a badly pinched nerve in his back for 5 months, and by the end of the night he too was healed! God even gave him an extra inch of back flexibility (like he's more flexible than he's ever been before!!!). This was my first first-hand experience in praying for others and them being healed. And I know it was a first for a lot of the kids there! God's so epic!!!