Migraine Healed with a Hug

Christopher Allen Drinkard  Dec 21, 2011

Yesterday my aunt came over and she had a headache/migraine for four days...she took every kind of medicine and nothing worked..even her eyes hurt... i knew she needed affection and rest... I said, "I'm gonna pray for you!" First time I just walked up to her and embraced her...just hugged her tightly and commanded the symptoms and pain to leave! pain was about an 8 in intensity...10 being the worst.. prayed for her again and told her to relax...just put my hand on the back of her neck and began to release life and kinda squeeze/massage it.. Spoke to it again and left in faith. Today I saw her again and I had totally forgotten..she also said she hadn't been hungry and everything, even smells were making her feel sick, side note...so today i hugged her and she said, "It left!" I was like, "what?" She said, "ten minutes after I left your house yesterday it left!...I was shocked!" And today she ate a big taco when she came over! ;) Praise GOD!! Papa is good! Healing is our bread!