East Indian God Did Not Answer Him, But Jesus Did

Villaflor Christopher  Mar 1, 2012

I was out today prior to work. I was outside a laundry mat when I saw a familiar face. He was an East Indian man. He was well dressed and looked clean. He says hello to me and I respond back with a greeting. I say "God is Good" He answers by saying"how have you been doing?" I was not sure if i knew him but he reminds me that a few months back, I met him outside McDonalds and he was shivering cold and was hungry. I helped pay for his meal that day and also shared to him the Gospel. He says that his previous East Indian God did not help him but when he asked Jesus to help him find work, Jesus opened a door for him. He sent a resume to a job and immediately he got a call and was hired. He now has a job and a place to stay. Praise the Lord. I am always amazed what God does in the lives of people we meet