Deaf and Dumb Spirit Cast Out - Greg McCoy

Greg McCoy  Dec 26, 2011

A woman who works for us is a bit hard of hearing. She has not worked for us very long and we have been so busy with life that we did not yet minister to her.

Today with all the visitors and family gone I was relatively alone in the house for the first time in maybe a year -- and this woman was there as well.

Holy Spirit clearly told me -- deaf and dumb spirit.

So I called the woman and asked her to sit with me. With a word I commanded the deaf and dumb spirit to leave her, any other unclean spirits to leave her and set her free in Jesus name.

I asked her how she was and she testified her hearing was better. I asked her to update me later if worse, the same or better (giving her freedom to not feel better with no condemnation).

A few hours later she came up to me with tears in her eyes and told me her ears are ok now. The ringing had stopped. I was so glad for her since I knew it bothered her. We both praised the Lord and were so happy even though we cannot understand each other that well (language barrier).

A few hours later my wife came home and right away the woman told her about what happened. Apparently she's had this problem since she was young (she is in her 40s). She told my wife it was totally healed, right away.

Thank you Jesus. Every day I see more and more how much you love us!