Feeling Loved by the Father for the First Time - Bethel


A first-year BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) student wrote this testimony from his mission trip.

On Monday night in Seoul, Korea, I was praying for a man who was in a lot of pain. I asked him if there was anyone he needed to forgive. He told me, "My father." When I asked him what had happened, he explained in broken English that his father had divorced his mother when he was very young and that he hated his father, but now he's dead. As he was telling me this, I began to ask Holy Spirit how I should walk him through forgiveness. Then, all I heard was Danny Silk's voice saying, "It's not your job to fix him; just love." Immediately, I knew what to do. I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead and bear-hugged him. I held him for probably five minutes and sang over him intermittently. Loud, wailing sobs came out of him as the stronghold of unforgiveness was destroyed. I have been told that Koreans, especially men, don't normally do that. Afterwards, in choppy English, he told me, wiping tears from his eyes, that his heart was healing.

Fast forward a few days when our team was getting ready to leave for the airport, who should be walking by where we had been staying but this guy? He was utterly delighted to see us and "just happened" to be in that part of town, which was about 35 minutes away from where we had ministered to him. He had no idea that was where we had been staying. He found a translator and told me that for the first time in his life the other night, he felt loved by our Father. No man had ever hugged him before in his life. He wanted to tell me the other night, but because his English was limited, he didn't. I had been thinking it would have been great to snap a photo, but we didn't get to on Monday, so God set it up just moments before we left. This was the highlight of my time in South Korea. Thank you, Jesus.

There is such power when you stop to love the one in front of you.