Arthritis is Healed After God Told Him to Play Drums Over Him -Bethel

May.05.14 (shared from Bethel website - link is on TGN connections page)

On a ministry trip in Oregon, words of knowledge for healing started to go out from the front. I was playing percussion for the worship at this time, and it got to the point when the team were all out ministering and four hands were up waiting for someone to come along.

Being one of me and four of them, I decided to say quick prayers that went something like, "bam," "take it," or "be healed" and then told them to check if they had been healed. Then I'd move on to the next person and do a circle. All four were healed instantly. The first couldn't walk without the aid of a cane because of right knee problems. The second had constant pain in her knees at level 5/6. The third had a shoulder issue.

Now for the best part. On the way up from Redding a few days prior, my good friend Rebecca had prophesied over me, "Jonathan, you're going to meet someone with arthritis, and you'll play a drum over them, and they'll be healed." So after the first four were healed, a word of knowledge was called out for backs, and a hand went up. As it turned out, the man had arthritis in his back and hips! I got pretty excited at this point and told him, "This may be a little weird, but wait there. I'm just going to go and grab some bongos."

I then told him why and started to play those bongos over him whilst he continually moved up and down. After about one minute or so, he stopped and said all the pain was gone! Yeah, Jesus!

—BSSM First-year student, Jonathan Louise