Scoliosis and Other Healings Break Out in Rio, Brazil - Stan Donn

Stan Donn (email sent to Brae Wyckoff, co-founder of TGN)

It has been an amazing week of ministry and developing wonderful relationships here in Rio.

It has been full but not too demanding, balanced with rest and incredible ministry.  Here are a few highlights:

May 16 - Friday evening beginning of conference:

We started off the evening with a message of generational repentance of lies, unbelief, unforgiveness and involvement with the occult.  I explained that these things can block us from fully receiving what God would want to give each person this weekend at the conference.

Many received revelation and forgiveness of lies and unforgiveness they held on to for many years, and Jesus gave them the truth about the situation. I asked how many had pain in their body that needed healing.  About 40+ people stood up.  I had people who had never prayed for anyone to be healed to pray for these people.  Many were healed including a man with back problem for 3-4 years.  The man who prayed for him has been attending the small group at the home of my host family, but he was not yet a believer.  He told me he wanted to pray for the sick so I had him pray for this man.  The man was completely healed. 

Many were healed including Rodrigo's daughter Rafaela from scoliosis; many legs grew out and people who had knee and back problems were healed.  A young man had foot/ankle injury from soccer with a boot on his right foot was able to put weight on it after receiving prayer. Several were healed through words of knowledge as they stood up and received without anyone praying for them. Probably 30-40 received healing that evening.  What a great way to start the conference!