Man Healed of Stage 5 Cancer Following Prayer Over Email by Doctor - Greater Works Ministry - UK

Man Healed of Stage 5 Cancer following Prayer Over Email

Shared from Greater Works ministry website - UK- Link is on our connections page. To view the picture that the doctor is talking about then go to the link as we could not share the picture on our page here. Be blessed everyone and be healed in the name of JESUS!
In 2008 this man was told by the specialists that he was dying and that after operating on his brain previously, there was now nothing more that could be done for him. He was sent home, to die, basically. I was told that he didn’t have long left to live and that even if I tried to fly to him to pray for him in person, I might not make it to see him alive. Cancer was in his brain and liver and had spread through his body, stage 5. He was unable to walk and was house and wheelchair bound due to what the cancer had done to his brain.

I was angry. At this point I was successfully praying for people over the phone and in person on a daily basis. I determined there was no way the enemy was going to take his life, while I was away praying for strangers. After talking to God, I prayed and typed out my prayer in an email. After having the email bravely (since Christianity was not a comfortable talking point with him) read out loud to him, he miraculously and sincerely chose to acknowledge Jesus.

Within a few days the hospital then unexpectedly contacted him to repeat a test and they were then UNABLE TO FIND THE CANCER. Within 2 weeks, he was given evidence that he was MIRACULOUSLY healed and saved.

He knows he is a miracle that has defied medical logic. He is alive and well! A year after this prayer I got to see him, take this picture, hug him, love him and talk to him about Jesus! Thank you Lord for answered prayer. Thank you for life. It is now over 3 years since this prayer and this miracle, and he is still doing well and defying every doctors report he was given. He is well, and walking, and no longer needing a wheelchair, and ummm...not dead! :)

Cancer was beaten by the power of God - in the life of a man who barely believed in him. Jesus is the wonder - we don’t have to be. It’s not about proving how worthy we are - it’s about proving how awesome HE is! :) He really, REALLY is.