Healings in Tijuana, Mexico - TGN Testimony

TGN Exclusive Testimony 4/17/13

TGN teamed up with healing minister Paul Rapley. We headed to Tijuana, Mexico where we ministered on the streets with a few young people hungry to see God move. We prayed for several people but no true breakthrough but we continued to press in. We met a woman who had just visited her father in the hospital dieing of cancer. We prayed over her for him to be healed, but Paul right afterwards had words of knowledge about several things going on with her from wrist to neck to back to jaw. She was shocked and happy to receive the prayer.

Things changed rapidly when we ministered at the church service that night. A local Pastor had invited Paul and I tagged along. I was able to share testimonies with the Pastor interpreting and it began to change the atmosphere. There was a hunger and expectation in the room for healing.

I remember feeling a strange spirit of suicide in the room so I shared a testimony and then released a prayer to break the spirit off whoever it was in the room. It was confirmed later by the Pastor that someone in the congregation was battling this. God is good.

Paul Rapley came up next and spoke about healing and starting releasing it in the room. We had words of knowledge and people stood to get healed when it was called out. Others around them laid their hands on them and commanded the pain or sickness to leave.

Kidney pain was removed, backs were healed, necks were healed, ankles were healed, short legs were extended out in front of everyone to watch. It was beautiful to see and there was such joy in the room. Papa God loves us and wants us HEALED!