Be Persistent in Prayer to get your Breakthrough

Joanne Beasley  Feb 1, 2012

Andrew Freedom Walsh called me yesterday to see how I was doing as he had prayed healing over me about a week ago for head & neck pain. When he called, I told him I was still having neck & head pain. He persisted in commanding the pain to go and declaring complete healing over me during our phone call until it was so. I felt kind of silly when he would ask after commanding the pain to go, "okay, how do you feel?" and I would have to honestly say "well, it's still there" or "well, now the pain is gone in my head but now my neck hurts". But he persisted. I am humbled by the body of Christ who knows who they are and loves enough to persist. Thank You, Jesus, that by Your stripes we were healed and for people like Andrew, who are willing to reach out and persist until people are set free!