82 Year Old Pastor is Blessed After Prayer - Brae Wyckoff - TGN

TGN Exclusive Testimony 5/1/2013- Brae Wyckoff

Miracles happen wherever you go. I was at work and just yesterday needed filing cabinets for the office. The building leasing agent stopped in and I asked her. She said they didn't have anything but would keep their eyes open. The next day she comes over with an old man (82 years old) and introduces me to this Pastor of a church right there amongst the businesses.

This Pastor has to move and sell all of the church furniture within a month because the old tenants are moving back in to the building they own. He said he has filing cabinets. I looked at everything and picked out several items. I spoke with the Pastor as clearly he was stressed out. He is 82 years of age and has been pastoring for 40 years.

I asked, "Can I pray for you?" His head slunked down, eyes closed, and palms out instantly. He needed it. I prayed over him to declare peace, prosperity, and declared that he is a blessing to many and that God has not abandoned him during this transition. I prayed for faith and favor. It was a 30 second prayer. He was thankful.

We took over one bookshelf to my company and he went back into the leasing office. He was in there a while. I grabbed the other items one by one. I came back for the final filing cabinet and he was finishing up with 2 guys in business suits. The Pastor comes over to me and says, "God is GREAT!"

"What happened?" I asked.

"I went into the leasing office and sitting in there are the owners of this building, which I have never met. They extended my stay for 3 months. They also came over and bought a lot of the church stuff and gave me cash, lots of cash."

Then he gave me a framed picture off the church wall. It is Joseph interpreting the dream of the King.

This all happened because I was looking to find filing cabinets. God is amazing and how he arranges divine encounters. You are the divine encounter because the Kingdom of God resides inside of you.