Broken Thumb Bones Healed - Tijuana, Mexico


First-year BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) student, Jonathan Smithies, sent in this testimony:

In Tijuana, we spent one evening in the center of the city on a street called Revolution Street. A youth group from Laguna Beach, California, joined us for this one night in Tijuana. I noticed that one of the girls, Candace, had a brace on her left hand. I asked what she had done to her hand. She told me she had broken her thumb eight months ago, and the pain was still pretty excruciating. I laughed because I knew God had just given me my assignment. I laid my hand on Candace's hand and took authority over the pain, commanding it to be healed in the name of Jesus. I instructed the youth group to ask Holy Spirit for a prophetic act to do to Candace in order to get her thumb healed. Most everyone in the youth group did their prophetic act. I carried on praying.

The pain was going down and leaving her thumb by the second. I saw two little Mexican boys watching, so I asked them to come over and guided their hands onto Candace's hand, then got them to say “mas fuego,” which means “more fire.” As they did, powerful heat was radiating off of Candace's body. The cold night air on the street suddenly became a warm breeze. Her thumb was just getting healed so fast! All the pain was going down. She whipped off the brace. Before we prayed, she couldn't touch her pinky finger with her thumb, and she couldn't make a fist. Now she could do both! Praise God. The pain was previously a level 9 (10 being the worst) and was now a level 1. Her thumb was almost completely healed. The fractured bones had almost completely been restored.

I decided to do a countdown to make the last bit of the process fun, rather than trying to strive to get her healed. I said, “Three, two, one, zero!” Then I said to her, “Check it out!” All the pain was gone! Her pain level was zero. She had full mobility in her thumb. Every bone in her thumb was completely healed. Praise the Lord!

I also got to lead three people to Christ in Tijuana.