The Blind, Deaf, Lame Were All Touched By Jesus - Stan Donn

This was emailed to Brae Wyckoff (co-founder of TGN) by Stan Donn on May 12, 2014.

The Lord did amazing work at our last meeting in Fortaleza.  It was an evening of fire works! The service started at 6 pm with great worship for an hour.  Lars and I shared a bit about what we had experienced so far this week with various testimonies, including the best for us of the young teenage girl who received Jesus after she had prayed for a man with stomach pain and he was healed.

I shared a message on the work of Jesus to heal the sick and destroy the works of the devil (Acts 10:38 and 1 John 3:8), and Jesus commanded us to do the same (Matthew 10:8).  There was a time of impartation and activation as we prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch people with his love and anointing.

I asked if there were people who wanted to open their hearts to Jesus, if they had not done that before.  About 4-5 people raised their hands indicating they wanted to do that.  I led them in a simple prayer of repentance from sin and asking Jesus to come into their lives and have a relationship with him.

We shared words of knowledge for hand, knee, foot, elbow and back.  Many responded and received healing.  About 15-20 people in all.  About 75% were healed when they checked their body without anyone praying for them.  

I shared about word of knowledge and asked the Lord to impart that gift to the church.  Only one teenage boy responded that he felt pain in his right ear.  About 4-5 people responded to the word and were healed.  One 7-year old boy was healed of a plugged up ear of water.  He prayed for many people afterward and they were all healed.

The following were exceptional healings:

1. Older woman completely deaf on left ear and 30% on right ear could hear perfect. She also had a stroke and had little sensation on left side of her face. All the feeling was restored after a young woman prayed for her.

2. Woman healed of ringing in the ears after 7-year old boy prayed for her.

3. Pastor had hearing loss in left ear from measles when he was a boy said his left ear was better than his normal right ear.  We prayed for his right ear to improve and it was the same as his left ear. 

4. Man with blindness completely in left eye and poor vision in his right eye said he could see perfectly clear with the right eye but did not see improvement in the left eye.  He believes that the healing he received in his right eye will manifest in his left eye.

5. Woman with broken left foot in a strapped boot said all the pain left and she could walk without the boot.

6. Woman with eye problem. She cannot look at light source without having to cover her eyes because they hurt her eyes.  She saw very little improvement after first prayer and said she had very little faith she could be healed, and the doctors said she needed more surgery but didn't have confidence anything could be done for her condition.  We had her repent of unbelief and reject the words of the doctors and prayed for her again.  She said she could look at the light on the ceiling and it was totally fine, no sharpness of pain or glare to her eyes.  

7. Woman with knee pain for 25 years from her brother hitting her knee with the stick that they use to mash and grind things with.   She was able to bend her leg fully and squat up and down without pain.

"The blind, deaf, lame" were all touched by Jesus, including those who became children of God by their own decision.