6th, 8th, and 11th Grade Students are Activated and Experience Healings in Class - Jason Chin

Jason Chin (shared from facebook May 18th, 2014)

INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY!!!! ( I just read this email)

I am blown away !!! JESUS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Hi Jason!

I wanted to share what God has done in my life through the inspiration of your Love Says Go website and book. This time last year I had stumbled upon all your videos and posts regarding healing, the prophetic and words of knowledge. During that time I had been praying to know more of God's character and the gifts of the Spirit in my life. Your website was one of many sources in which God sent to me to grow me little by little throughout this past year.

For the 2013/2014 school year I entered my first year as the 6th grade, 8th grade and 11th grade Bible teacher at my home church's school here in FL. After many encounters and experience's in which the Holy Spirit began to teach me about healing and the prophetic I began to pray for God to release an anointing in my classroom for the supernatural.

I ordered and began reading your Love Says Go activation book and sat back as God began to work wonders in my life and in my classroom.

On January 24th after sharing with my students your video where the Holy Spirit broke out at a football game with my 8th grade boys Bible class we witnessed our first outbreak of the power of the Holy Spirit. 6 students were instantly healed after being prayed over by one of their peers. This generated a lot of excitement and realization in the students that this was something available for them!

After that I decided that every Wednesday we would have "Love Says Go" day in every one of my Bible classes. We would go over a chapter from your book and then watch the activation video for that chapter. Every single week we witnessed God perform miracle after miracle in the students lives. It got to the point that we had to create a Love Says Go wall in my classroom for the students to document and record all the healings and miracles that were happening.

Some healings that happened in school included:

-At least 6 accounts of legs growing out.
-An uneven arm from birth grew out.
-Multiple knee and ankle injuries healed instantly
-Stomach Pain
-Shoulder Pain from Baseball

The students have begun to take what they've learned and take it outside of the classroom. We've had reports of healings happening in friends and family members. On May 22nd, we have an 8th grade end of the year field trip planned for Magic Kingdom at Disney where the students plan to go on their very first treasure hunts!

There is so much more I could share but it would literally be endless reading! The students and I are just so thankful for your obedience and radical love to the Lord that has poured out into our lives. I hope these testimonies bless you!


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