Divine Appointment in Zagreb - Bethel


On the Thursday of our BSSM Mission trip to Croatia, I witnessed to a girl named Lina in the middle of Zagreb and gave her a prophetic word about compassion and then had a word of knowledge about her past.

The next day, one of our team members, Hannah, was singing near the place where we were staying, which was 20 minutes away from where I had met Lina. But Lina was there and heard her singing and asked her where she was from. After Hannah explained, Lina asked if she knew me and Shennie (my wife). Hannah responded with a yes.

On the Saturday, someone (we have no idea who) in town gave her a flyer about God, and as this person was giving her the flyer, she looked up and saw a huge sign saying, "compassion." Lina knew she had to go to church, so she went to the one she lived next door to, which was the one the Bethel team was staying and preaching at. She gave her heart to the Lord and got baptized in the Holy Spirit.