Grandpa Healed by Declaration - Heather Washabaugh

Heather Washabaugh  Oct 4, 2011

Healing Testimony!! We just had my grandpa from Texas come out hadn't seen him for years but he really wanted to see us. He had major back hip and knee pain. I don't know if he believes in the Lord but we loved on him and enjoyed our day with him and told him we wanted to pray for him before he left. Well we forgot which is silly to pray when he left and when we realized it we just declared God would finish the work in him and heal him. Well I got a call today a week later and was told that he has been pain free and healed since the day he left our house, no more doctors or meds!! God is so good!! It just really confirmed it's not by what we do but what He does, it's that easy we just need to go out and love on people and watch them be healed by the amazing hand of God!!