Back and Hip Healed and then Salvation - Steve Harmon

Steve Harmon  Nov 4, 2011

Prayed for a guy in front of Target. God healed his hip and back. He was totally shocked and dismayed. I preached to him all about the kingdom of God. I prayed and prophesied over him. One thing I said to him was that no matter if you curse and spit at God, He will still love you. He told me he did that when his mom died, and then he walked away from God. I told him, contrary to what you were taught at church, God did not take your mother, Satan did. God doesn't kill, steal, and destroy people's lives. Satan does. I told him that God didn't even allow it for a purpose, it was the church who allowed it. God gave His church, authority over sickness, disease and demons, but many of them have chosen not to believe Jesus' words and do their job. He told me that his dad was a pastor and he had been homeless since 16. He looked 21. What I said to this guy really touched him. It was like all the anger that built up in him towards God, instantly melted away. He realized that it's true; God is good and He doesn't create disasters in our lives to teach us lessons like a lot of the church teaches. I asked the guy "Do you want this life of the Kingdom that I speak of?" He said, "Yes I do". I layed hands on him and prayed.. When we were done, He was just amazed..