Man at Gas Station is Healed and Shocked by What Happened - Erik Frederickson

Erik Frederickson (shared from facebook) - May 2014

Yesterday at the gas station... I was getting out of my car and my good buddy Holy Spirit told me the guy walking by had neck troubles. I waited until he came out the gas station and asked and he said he did indeed have neck troubles from a car accident. He was alarmed that I knew, but he did say I could pray for him. God took care of his neck troubles, but something else cool happened.
The sun was just going down and the gas station had not turned the lights for the gas pumping area on yet. Right when he opened his eyes after his neck getting healed they flipped all the lights on, and right as that happened Holy Spirit came and baptized him in fire.
He started freaking out and asked, "who are you? Get away from me!" He was joking, kind of haha. We chatted some more and he ended up leaving before he'd let me pray again. Haha get'em God! There is no escaping the love of God. Everywhere you go all day long people are crying out for the living God and that living God lives in you! Good job Jesus!!