Extra Bone in Babies Hand Miraculously Disappears After Prayer - Patricia Goh

Roxane Komlosy (permission given to TGN to share testimony)

All Glory goes to God, He has done great things! Seven months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His name is Azriel.

Like with all new babies, we mothers tend to count all the fingers and the toes! But, with Azriel who is our 4th son-he seemed to have something sharp poking out of the palm of his hands.

We waited until we would see his doctor and he then told us what it was and that it would need to be surgically removed, I was obviously not very thrilled at the prospect!

When Patricia Goh was here, in Durban, I mentioned it to her and she prayed a short prayer and held his little hand and we left it at that. The other day my husband was bathing little Azriel and mentioned that he noticed that the bone was gone! Which was previously so noticeable if you happened to hold his left hand and also to the naked eye, but it is now gone!