Word of Knowledge Heals Womans Back Injury Without Prayer - Randy Clark

Sarah Pollard- shared her testimony with The Greater News

May, 2014· San Diego, CA ·(This was at the San Diego Randy Clark event at The Rock Church)

God healed my back!!! Here's my story...

Three years ago while working an overnight shift at CVS, I turned to walk down one of the aisles of drugs, tripped over a box, fell to the ground, and sprained my back. I was almost completely disabled and off work for 7 months and I my activities of daily living have been severely limited ever since. I have had two "nerve ablations", a procedure where they stick a needle size electrode into my back and burn off a nerve or two, which made the pain a little more manageable, but still present all the time. The nerve grows back 6-9 months after the procedure and they repeat it. I was told it was likely I would deal with this for the rest of my life. Last month, the doctor actually signed off my case expecting no further improvement, and told me to contact him when the pain got worse again.

Fast forward. About 2 months ago, I sign up to attend the Global Awakening conference at my church. While it is a training seminar in the healing power of the Holy Spirit, my primary purpose in attending was to encounter the Lord. I wasn't going in hopes to be healed. But, last week while spending time with Jesus, He told me He was going to heal my back this week. That sounded awesome to me, but I didn't share it with anyone for fear that it might not happen. Wednesday, on the first day of the conference, one of the teachers was talking about a particular instance where he saw many people healed of back pain.

I heard God tell me to remember that mine was from the pharmacy. Three times that morning, I heard Him remind me "pharmacy". During a later lecture, the teacher was having people who had NEVER been used by God before to give a word of knowledge to ask Him for one and come forward to share. Many people shared that different body parts had gotten hot and they felt God wanted to heal someone who had an injury there. Most of my back was injured, so several of their words seemed to apply to me. But one gentleman, after sharing a body part, as they attempted to move onto the next person, took the microphone back and said he had one more word: PHARMACY.

He said God showed him a picture of a pharmacy, specifically an aisle. As I stood up to acknowledge the truth of the word he had just spoken, ALL OF MY PAIN LEFT. After all the persons had shared their word from God, the speaker told us to test our bodies and see if they were better. Most of my pain came with prolonged sitting or standing, but there is one movement that has caused me pain ever since the injury: hyperextending (bending backward).

Ever since the injury, I have only been able to bend back the tiniest amount, always with pain and much stiffness, and only with my hands on my hips for support. Yesterday, I bent WAY back with NO PAIN at all for the first time in 3 years. I was healed 100% without anyone ever praying for me. The knots in my mid back are gone. The swelling that I have had in my low back every morning for the past 3 years- GONE! I feel like doing back bends and going running on the elliptical!!! Praise Him! I share this to testify that Jesus is Lord and Jesus is our healer! I want to give Him all the glory that He deserves!

It has been 5 days now and I still have NO PAIN in my back. God is good!

Update: May 12th, 2014 (post on facebook) I just finished testing out my "new" back at an 8hr shift at the busiest CVS in San Diego... Not even the tiniest twinge of pain in my lumbar/sacral region!!! Jesus!!!

 Sarah is giving her testimony at The Rock Church in San Diego.

Sarah is giving her testimony at The Rock Church in San Diego.