Arthritis Healed in Elderly Man - Brian Vasquez

Brian Vasquez  Nov 16, 2011

Who says you gotta be Christian to receive healing? As I waited to go to my next class, I decided to eat out. I saw an elderly couple, and the man's head was inclined to the bottom and needed a helper to walk, so I prayed for him, and he got healed from the arthritis that was holding his head down, he was moving it around and his leg got healed too, so I walked alongside him to show him he didn't need that helper anymore to walk, cause Jesus Christ had healed him :) His wife later tells me, he was a mormon, and she was a catholic, but then I was Christian, and my God is greater than their beliefs, so they got their healing! Also a random dude who also had a helper, prayed for him to command his nerves to function again, and he got healed too!