Dove Manifests Out of Thin Air - TGN Exclusive

The Dove

One beautiful Saturday morning Brae and I were out on our porch enjoying our time with the Lord and each other. Brae was studying the Holy Spirit and I was reading through my dream journal.

I came upon a dream that I had dreamt a few months prior. I saw the accompanying interpretation that I had written and realized that it was wrong. I got a revelation of a completely different meaning and it was really eye-opening. In my mind, I questioned God, “This is what I think you’re trying to tell me through this dream —Am I right? At that exact moment, a loud bang startled us and a dove flew out from the large picture window behind Brae and me.

Our porch, at that time, was fairly small and covered with a pergola-type roof. Brae and I were sitting opposite from each other in front of the window. There is no possible way the dove could have flown onto the porch without us seeing it. It would have had to have flown between us.  

The dove miraculously manifested. It left its mark on the window. After talking with Brae I found out that at the exact moment I was getting a revelation about my dream, he was getting a revelation about the Holy Spirit. God sent us a most unusual confirmation and drove the point home —literally —with a sign that we will never forget.

Below is the actual picture we took of the imprint of the dove on our window.

Dove Appeared.jpg