Chronic Pain Healed in Back and Shoulder plus More

Brittny Burch  Nov 2, 2011

The other night, Jesus healed a woman's back and shoulder from chronic pain. She said she could feel warmth go through her body as His love poured over her, she began to cry for joy! I prayed over another woman's foot because she had injured it; one of the tendons were in the completely wrong place. When I commanded the tendon to go back in place, she said she could feel something wriggling around! I continued to command the pain to go and it traveled around her calf and onto her thigh. I commanded the spirit of infirmity to go and she began to cry because she felt a sudden release of heaviness. She started to twist her ankle back and forth to check the pain and there was no pain at all! Then another woman had really bad neck and back pain and Jesus healed her too!! I had to pray and command pain to go more than two times for each woman, and they were set free. When you know and believe that God has given you authority to trample over Satan in all situations, you will see bigger breakthrough in your own life and in others lives too. Jesus is so so so so so AMAZING!!!!!!!