Ovarian Cyst Healed - Maui

Steve Harmon  Nov 26, 2011

Right now I'm at my mother's in Maui and last night we she had her small group. It consists of about 5 young teen aged girls and a mother, who are all native Hawaiians. I got to talk to them about authority. I showed them some videos and then we prayed for healing. I had them pray for each other for healing. The mother got healed of some sort of ovarian cyst. According to her words, she felt heat around her midsection and the pain was gone. Then we grew out some legs, 3 in all. They all loved that and were screaming with excitement. Then, I asked them if they wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit. They said "yes". I told them to hold out their hands. I prayed and they began to feel the presence of God on their hands. Some felt tingling, and some felt heat. It was funny to watch their expressions.

Then me, my mother, and stepdad prophesied over all of them. We told them about what God wanted to do for some of them in the future and why He loves them. Everyone got their own unique word and everyone of them needed a tissue after it because they never heard anything like this before. They loved it. Some of these girls had never been to church before. It was all knew to them and the one who had been to church before, it was all knew to her as well because that church that she went to didn't believe in the present day power of God. Overall, it was a good night.

Go Kingdom!