Lump Dissolves and Young Man Gives His Life to Jesus Outside Store - Jason Chin

Jason Chin — with Jason Tax. (shared from facebook) Love Says Go link on our connections page

March 26, 2014

At 'Becoming Love' homegroup last night a word of knowledge for a "lump on the left side of the neck" was called out. A lady named Elisabeth from Switzerland said she has had it for years and it dissolved! Yay Jesus!

On the way home Jason Tax and I stopped at Safeway and we met this young man. We told him about the miracle we saw at homegroup and asked him if anyone's had the chance to share the gospel of Jesus with him. He had been thinking about Jesus lately and had been to church before but never heard of what it meant to be saved or born again.

He did not know about Jesus dying for his sins and the sins of the world. We shared about making a decision to have a response to the invitation that Jesus was giving him .

This young man gave his life to Jesus outside Safeway store last night!!! Then he got prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit and power to be a witness. He felt something happening on the inside of him. We invited him to youth group for "more"...Jesus also healed his popping knees:) Jesus is amazing.