Man Asks for Directions and Finds Healing Instead

Steven van den Brink  Aug 30,2012

Just a minute ago this man came at the door, he was asking for directions. I helped him, but when I saw him walking back to his car I noticed something was wrong in his body. It turned out he has had an accident years ago where he fell down 8 meters. He was suffering pains in his bottom, especially when sitting down. I asked him if he believed in miracles, he said yes, he was a christian and tried everything through the years, also things like acupuncture.
He let me lay hands, I commanded the pains to leave and the nerve system to be healed. It was funny because he felt this tingling sensation, and the sun suddenly started shining very strongly. First 50% of the pains left, then another 20%. Then I told him to lay his own hands on the spots, and command the pain to leave, he felt that tingling sensation again. At the end 95% of all pains had left. The guy left happy and amazed. BLESS GOD!