Bowel Cancer and Deafness Bow to Jesus - John Mellor

John Mellor

I was having lunch at a local cafe yesterday with my son Jamin when a 'new age' looking lady and her son sat opposite us. I prayed for an opportunity to share Jesus and before long we were in earnest discussion about the reality of Christ and how He still does miracles today. She quickly grabbed her iPhone and searched 'John Mellor Healing' on YouTube and Google. She was blown away! She said she's coming to Woombye when we're there early next month having a healing seminar and meetings. She's one step closer to the Kingdom of God!

Then straight after this encounter I rushed to meet Julie to pray for a guy (and his wife) who we know through the local business community, who's been diagnosed with bowel cancer. After prayer all pain and discomfort left him and all the bloating left his stomach. He was totally amazed! Then I prayed for his wife who was very deaf in one hear and suffered tinnitus (a very annoying constant rushing noise in her ear). After prayer perfect hearing was restored and the annoying sound disappeared! She was also totally blown away!

They aren't Christians so Julie and I shared the importance of knowing Christ and that He is the Healer. They are both very close to receiving Jesus and can't deny His reality! i think that they'll come to Woombye as well. Though not everyone mightn't receive Christ when you first share with them you are always an important link in God's plan for their lives. There's a mission field all around us! We are the hands and feet of Jesus in this broken world! There's never a boring moment serving God!!!!