The POWER of Forgiveness - Sandy Nagy, Tucson AZ

Sandy Nagy

I am a substance abuse and mental health counselor working in a Secular agency in downtown Tucson, AZ.

One night I felt led to do a group on forgiveness. I put on some really anointed music and had the participants write down what it was they needed to forgive, put the word “Bill” (as in invoice) across the top, then read it to the group. Then each member would cancel the bill and tear it up to symbolizing them forgiving that “debt.” One by one as they shared their stories, you could feel Holy Spirit come into the room and minister to each one as they forgave. There were many tears. One woman forgave her dad. Another man forgave his dad for beating him up when he was small. But the most memorable one was the mentally ill man who forgave his daughter’s rapist. I’ve been a counselor for 9 years now, and know that all the counseling in the world cannot do in 9 years what happened to that man in 30 seconds!