Shopping Center Healings Through Words of Knowledge - Dean Brodel

Dean Brodel shared this testimony directly with TGN October 11, 2013

Subject: Shopping Center Healings

Message: Today, some friends of mine and I went to a local, well known shopping centre to unleash God's love and see people radically touched by His goodness. We intended to pray for the sick and preach the gospel. At first there was adversity, as if people were just hard-hearted toward anything to do with God. We noticed this and my friend prayed against that spirit of oppression. After this, we had much more success! We found out that one worker in Kmart had pain in her shoulder and neck from an injury a while back. As we laid hands on her and prayed, we received a word about what happened which made it easier to pinpoint the need for healing. She was unbelieving, but then the pain started to leave and she let us continue praying! God completely restored her shoulder and arm from the injury!

Another amazing testimony was the lady who encountered God in a food isle of a store! She was on one crutch, with a brace on her neck. We approached her and asked if we could pray for her, and she was hesitant at first. She said yes but didn't want us to lay hands on her. We gave her reassurance that we would only gently touch her on the arms, no pressure at all. As we spoke to her, one of my friends received a word about what had exactly happened. She had been in a car accident, and her spine was severed a little bit. Astonished that my friend knew, she allowed us to pray. We laid hands on her and commanded wholeness into her body, and then I received a word about carpel tunnel in her right wrist. Again astonished, she allowed us to pray for that. She felt the fire of God engulf her wrist as she was healed, and I assured her, "You won't have any more pain in your wrist." As we were talking afterward, God let me see what He had put in her heart. At this point, she is almost crying and the love of God is radically touching her! We left her with our insights into who she is and she knows for sure that God loves her!

Praise God for His goodness! How wonderful He is! Thank you Jesus!