Blindness from Cateract and Slipped Disc in Neck Healed - Mark Williams - TGN Exclusive

Mark Williams (

Subject: Man Healed of Blindness From Cateract and Woman's Neck healed of Slipped Disk

Message: Myself and a missionary friend had just baptized two brand new Christians, a man and woman, in my swimming pool in Miami when I was asked to pray for both of them. First I prayed over the young woman, who for eight years couldn't move her head to the right due to a slipped disk in her neck, which resulted from a car accident. After about 60 seconds I felt the disk move in her neck and she was totally healed.

Then the man came up and I could see that he had a huge cataract in his left eye - strange because he was only in his twenties. He said that he was blind in that eye because of it. I prayed for complete clarity of vision. After a minute or so I asked if it was better. The guy said that it was better but still there. I started to pray again and after about 30 seconds I watched in total amazement as the cataract completely dissolved in front of my eyes - like a cloud in the sky dissipates. There were three people standing behind me who saw the whole thing and were a bit freaked out. I just told them, "it's a God thing, no worries" :)