No Longer Colon Cancer - Bethel Church, Redding CA

April.02.13 (testimony from Bethel, Redding CA Website)

On Feb. 19, Cecil had a colonoscopy. He was supposed to have it two years from now, but he had a little medical problem, and his doctor said they should do that now.

From that procedure, Cecil found out that he had colon cancer. What a shock. The doctor ordered a PET scan to see if it had spread through his body yet. He had that on March 5 and on the 7th, he got the results: it's only in his colon. The surgeon wanted to do very aggressive surgery; he wanted to remove the entire colon. He said everything in the colon didn't look right. He wanted to take everything out: the blood supply, the lymph nodes, the entire colon. This news was devastating for Cecil and his family. Cancer diagnosis is scary enough, but his brother-in-law had just died from colon cancer, so this was raw and frightening for them. With that diagnosis and the doctor's aggressive approach, they were feeling emotionally charged; they had opportunity for fear.

But Cecil could not get peace from the Lord about the surgery. When he spoke to the doctor, the doctor was adamant about the surgery and only shared stories about death that he had seen over the years working in his field. He wanted to protect Cecil from what he thought was inevitable death. Cecil sought a second opinion, but no one would call him back. His family doctor sent a referral to one of the top surgeons in the town, who refused to see him. Instead, he encouraged him to stick with his surgeon's recommendation. His own surgeon reiterated, "If you don't do this, you will die."

Cecil had a sleepless night and went before the Lord. He almost convinced himself to go through with the surgery for his wife's sake because she needed peace that what had happened to her brother-in-law would not happen to him. He was going to do it for her, but he had no peace. He called a friend who had had cancer. The friend said, "Go though with it. You're too young to take the risk." Cecil said, "I can't. I have this big pain in the center of my chest when I think of it. I can't make this decision." The friend said, "Then call Doctor Z."* Cecil's phone was beeping as he was talking to his friend. He switched over, and the caller was his wife, who said, "I just found a doctor, Doctor Z, who will see us at 4:00."

They went to the appointment, but Cecil thought it would be another circus and he would still have to face making the decision. He had a less than positive sense about going. It turned out that the doctor wasn't going to see them because he wasn't available.

Doctor Z had heard the nurse/receptionist on the phone saying he was not available, but he said he would make himself available. The reason she said he wasn't available was that he was about to go on his first vacation in nine years. So his receptionist called back and said, "We'll see you at 4:00." He gave them two hours of his time. He went over everything about Cecil's doctor reports. He concluded, "You don't have to give your entire colon to this. We can take this out without your losing your entire colon. It's not my policy that doctors come before our patients; patients come first. Tell me what is going on with you so I can have cause to do another colonoscopy myself. I'll try to get this out. I don't think I can do it, but I'll try." He explained everything. He was going to try to get it out in the colonoscopy without surgery.

He was so kind and took so much time with them. All this time, Cecil had been having Skype prayer meetings with Thomas Blackmon (a Healing Rooms leader). Thomas and his wife, Christina, felt Cecil needed to get another PET scan. They felt like God had done something, and they wished he could check it out, but it would have cost $10,000.

Cecil had the second colonoscopy on March 22, and on March 28, went in to get the results. Doctor Z. said, "I don't know what to tell you. You have a big tumor with satellites. I was able to take the satellites off it and test them. For whatever reason, there is no cancer. The cancer is dead! We still need to take that thing out of your body though; it's not good to leave it in. But it's definitely not cancer."
So now, Cecil only needs to have the now non-cancerous tumor removed. Thank God!

* Name of doctor is changed.