Eyes Healed of Gritty Deposits Plus MORE - John Mellor

John Mellor April 7th, 2013---More great miracles tonight in Launceston. This lady has been on dialysis for over a decade and suffers many side effects from her condition. While sitting in her seat, the Holy Spirit took away the extreme gritty rock- like effect in her eyes that she constantly suffers from mineral deposits trying to leave her body through other means than her kidneys. The pain in her eyes is so bad that the grit often splits the side of her eyes and makes them bleed - now all gone in Jesus' name. Also, for 13 years she has not been able to raise her left arm independently above her head - she's always had to prop her left arm up with the right because 11 operations on the arm have damaged blood vessels and caused weakness, but tonight she could raise her arm independently and hold it strong for a long time. Her neck was also healed - all as she sat in her seat. The lady in red standing behind her also had gritty eyes healed. So many others healed tonight. A lady who had nerve damage and excruciating pain down her left side for almost a year, which has meant that she could not sleep, is now completely pain free! Stomach conditions have been healed, food allergies healed, spinal pain healed and peace coming to many in place of anxiety & stress. Testimonies came in from our last two visits to Launceston last year & 3 years ago: a lady suffering MS has had her healing medically verified; a man who damaged nerves in his hand from a chainsaw accident is healed; a young baker who suffered juvenile arthritis is still healed after 3 years and a lady had had significant healing & freedom in her heart and emotions. Awesome Jesus!

mellor lady can raise arm after 11 years.jpg