Diabetes, Cataracts, Deaf, and More All Healed on Crusade to India - Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson Ministries (shared from his website fall 2013 magazine)


October 2013 Trip - India/Nepal

Oyvind and Hilde Hæreid (from Norway) were part of our team in India and Nepal. They were used powerfully to lay hands on many needing healing or deliverance. They estimated they saw around 150 to 200 healings take place.

Here are a few: A preacher who had broken his arm had both his arm and leg grow back out and was completely healed.

One man was healed of diabetes and cataracts.

Cover photo is a 56 year old man who had been deaf for 22 years instantly healed by Jesus in Damak the last day.

Some of those healed included a 13 year old girl who had been deaf since birth. After that many deaf people were healed by Jesus during a mass prayer for healing.

Oyvind also prayed for a young man 18 years old had lost his hearing in his left ear because his father had beaten him on the left side of his head. He was led to forgive his father. Then Jesus healed him completely from deafness.