Bees and Storm Are Sent By God to Thwart Hindu Threat of Sacifricing Christians - Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson Ministries (shared from his websites magazine article 2011)

The Lord Sends Bees And Defends His Own In India
“Moreover the LORD your God will send the
hornet among them until those who are left, who
hide themselves from you, are destroyed. You shall not
be terrified of them; for the LORD your God, the great
and awesome God, is among you. And the LORD your
God will drive out those nations before you little
by little...” (Deuteronomy 7:20-22).

During the conference with Randy Clark in Chandigarh, India a pastor from the state of Madhya Pradesh told us that a Hindu celebration was going to be held in Mandala, Madhya Pradesh from February 11-13th. This celebration is called the Kum Mela and Hindu devotees from all over the country flock to it.

In the past millions have gathered at this celebration. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh declared that at this celebration all Christians who had converted from Hinduism would be forced to reconvert to Hinduism. If they refused to do so their daughters would be sacrificed to Hindu gods all three days. This pastor requested all the conference attendees to pray for this grave situation. In the afternoon session everyone lifted their voices in intercession and Randy Clark led us in prayer.

Within 24 hours we received a report from the pastor’s son in Mandala, that as the Hindu workers were setting up for the celebration, thunderous storm clouds gathered over the grounds and it began to storm and rain heavily. Once the rain abated swarms of bees blew into the grounds and began stinging the workers. The workers were forced to abandon work and flee the grounds. The bees then proceeded to make their hives all over the grounds.

This was reported in the local newspaper. The final outcome, the the Supreme Court in India has banned this celebration. It has declared that Hindu leaders are not permitted to even enter Mandala and the Chief Minister has been ordered to maintain peace, law and order in Mandala.