Man Healed When He Knocks on the Door to a Christian Home

Lynda Reed  Oct 11, 2011- A young Russian man knocked on my door this afternoon and said "How are you today, I am not trying to sell you something and I'm not religious" I said "AWESOME!" He went thru the spiel about raising funds for a medical team, and I declined to sign up. But I asked if he gets back pain. He seemed confused and said "why do you ask?"

I said "God told me you get back pain"
His eyebrows raised and he said "Come on?"
And then he said "Where, where in my back?"
I said, "Lower back, its your discs."
He was so surprised and told me he gets pain occasionally and has had scans and yes there are disc problems. Then he asked "What are you?"
I said, "I am a Christian, I hear from God, and I pray for people and they get healed. Can I pray for your back?"
He said he was a Christian too, and he'd heard of people like me but had never seen it. I asked again if I could pray and he asked "What do you do?"
I said, I'll put my hand on your back and command it to be healed in Jesus name." He said "ok".
I did exactly that. And told him he will no longer get any pain.
He was still spinning out. He said he'd never met anyone who prayed for the sick and they got better. I said that we meet here on Thursday nights and he is more than welcome to attend, but he said he lived far away.
And then he said "In Summer I go back to Russia and I'll get an X-ray and if it shows my back is healed I will come back and see you and help you."
I said, "Awesome, and please let me know." Then I gave him my card with our email address and mobile number.
And I told him "God loves you, that's why He heals you"
And he said, "But I am a bad person"
I said, how can you say that, if you are a Christian your slate has been wiped clean. When you accepted Jesus His Spirit joined to yours and dwells within you. You are now holy and righteous. God sees you as perfect!"
He said "WOW!"
And I said, "Now that GOOD NEWS!"
He said, "It sure is!"
He thanked me and had a huge smile on his face as he walked off.
What an incredible experience! God is amazing! I cannot describe how much this young man was touched. He was surprised, shocked, excited, blessed and loved. I know it was a life-changing experience, and I pray it leads him to walk in greater freedom, love and grace, and that he discovers his identity in Christ and lives in his full potential!