Deadraising- So Simple that a 13-Year Old Can Do It- Free Truth Seekers

This is the testimony of a cat named Chi-Chi being raised from the dead after my friend David Rizzo‘s 13 year old daughter Angelina, prayed and commanded.

Chi-Chi belonged to Donovan, a friend of David’s son Jimmy. The one year old mother of kittens got out and broke her leg and it got infected. When Donovan found her, she was not breathing. He listened for a heartbeat and heard none. Rigor mortise had set in. He placed Chi-Chi’s body in a cardboard box and buried it in his backyard.

Now, Angelina had never met Chi-Chi. She had heard a lot about her and has a great love for animals. She, also, has a Godly love for Donovan. She also has faith for miracles. She goes out evangelizing with David and sees the sick healed on a regular basis.

When she learned that Chi-Chi had died, this was Angelina’s response: “I couldn’t believe it because she had just had kittens!” So, she said this prayer: “God, this cat just had babies and she needs to take care of them! If I would have known she broke her leg I would have prayed but I didn’t know! It’s never too late! In the name of Jesus I command this cat to be healed and raise this cat so she can take care of her kittens!”

Four days later, Chi-Chi came to the door and Donovan’s friend let her in. The cat, covered in dirt, was meowing and rubbing against Donovan’s legs. He was completely freaked out. He went back to the spot where the cat had been buried. The cardboard box was out of the ground with no scratches and there was a hole in the ground. Was it an angel, like the one that moved the boulder for Jesus?

When Donovan visited the Rizzo’s about a week later, both he and Angelina recounted their stories. Until then, Donovan knew nothing of Angelina’s prayer. That was unanticipated for him. Likewise, it was gratifying for Angelina to learn that Chi-Chi was pregnant again with more kittens! The rest of the evening, Donovan and Angelina kept looking at each other like they had this understanding.

Furthermore, the Rizzo family feels vindication from this because they had lost a cat and prayed all night for it to be raised but it wasn’t. The night that Donovan came over and told his story was three years to that day.

From this experience, we know that you need not be on site to raise the dead. We also know that it is not limited to humans. I’ve wondered why the bible says, ‘’Go and preach the gospel to every living creature.” I’ve heard Christians say that God only loves humans. He does not love animals. I’ve seen my own cat healed of a thyroid tumor. So, this leaves us wondering–does God love cats or does He love little girls with faith? Or both?

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*Image of cat is not actual cat in testimony shared here