Lady's Broken Toe Healed and Lifts Cane in Victory

Amber Torres posted on The Greater News's 8/7/2012: "I just came from the Jesus Culture Conference in L.A. and a couple of friends and I were walking back to the theater after lunch. On our way, there was a lady with a cane who asked us if we had money or if we could buy her food. My friend says, I don't have any money but do you want to be healed today? She looks at him surprised and tells him that she just broke her toe 2 days ago. She lets us pray for her and I asked her what the pain level was and she said a 3. I asked her to try and step on that foot and little by little, she was good! She wasn't smiling before and all of a sudden this new joy was on her face and it was amazing! God totally healed her! We told her she wouldn't need her cane and even though she was hesitant, when she walked away she picked her cane up and held it up. God is awesome!!!"