Ependicitis Operation is Cancelled After Being Healed - Roselyn Lopez

Roselyn Lopez (shared from facebook)


Last Tuesday at 3 am my sister knocked at my door, crying ... she told me that they brought my nephew to the hospital because of a severe stomach pain and the doctor said that my nephew was suffering from Appendicitis, but they need to transfer Him to another Hospital for an immediate operation..

( it was really heartbreaking for me) i went out of my room and saw my nephew sleeping with a high fever , then i prayed for Him and said, “LORD i know that my nephew`s doctor is professional, i know that you will guide and bless the hands of His doctors but LORD in this very moment I am just asking for a MIRACLEEEEEEE!!!!! LORD this time i'm not asking for the operation to go well, this time I’m just declaring for a MIRACLE and NO NEED FOR AN OPERATION IN JESUS NAME “ and believing that nothing is impossible with GOD. Then my family transferred my nephew into another hospital and I chose to stay home to pray and intercede.

While praying, i fell asleep and dreamt, i can’t remember most of the parts of my dream but i remember one thing… the audible voice of GOD telling me, “If you love your nephew, I want you to know that I love him even more”. (Waaaaaahaha) Then there was a second voice, (an angel`s voice) saying “NO OPERATION NEEDED”…..

(Oh my, I’m so filled with the Holy Spirit) but i didn’t tell to my sister about my dream yet because it was critical, especially when the doctor said that He needed an operation as soon as possible... so i told myself that the Doctor and my family will be surprised on what GOD will do...

Then i sent a message to my other sister about my dream, then she said that honestly it was also her prayer that our nephew`s condition would be normal and that there would be no operation and both of us agreed that nothing is Impossible with GOD.

While they were in the hospital and everything is ready for the operation, then suddenly my nephew said the pain in his stomach was totally gone (OMG), then the doctors had Him checked. After getting the result the doctors were amazed, my nephew’s condition became normal, the doctors also couldn’t believe for what had just happened that they led my nephew to undergo more tests and observation and for almost 5 days of waiting and observation..wooOHooO They are Home now WITHOUT undergoing an operation.