Heaven's Kiss Opens Up Deaf Ear - Bethel

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I was part of the first ever BSSM missions team to Turkey. Just prior to calling out words of knowledge and praying for healing at our first meeting, I found myself in the bathroom countering feelings of inadequacy by agreeing with truth. I knew that I had nothing to give these people if He didn't show up, and I began declaring out loud (under my breath), "I am enough in you, I am enough in you." My faith was restored in those moments as I anchored my faith in Him and not in me.

Not much later, the team spread out to pray for the individuals in need of healing. I began praying for a 31-year-old Turkish woman, who was pointing to her right ear, and understood that she had partial hearing loss. I prayed a couple of times for her with no improvement, unshaken by her response because of my previous encounter. I asked God, "What do you want to do to heal this woman's ear?" The first thought that followed was "Kiss her on the ear." I stepped out in obedience remembering that Jesus healed people in many ways (with mud, etc).

I started saying hello over and over again while walking backwards to create distance between her and me. Tears immediately streamed down her face as God completely opened her ear. Through a translator, I was able to hear her story. She said that when she was eight or nine years old, her dad struck her left ear, and the pressure created by the blow had given her three small holes in her right eardrum and left her with 50% hearing in that ear. That night, (April 22nd) she was able to hear clearly in that ear for the first time in approximately 22 years (as many years as I've been alive). The best part is that what was robbed through abuse, God chose to restore through His kiss of love and healing.

—Second-year BSSM student, Shara Frazier