Freedom from Anger, Homosexuality, Bi-Sexuality, Bipolar Disorder - Ken Fish

Ken Fish  Sept 11, 2011

Today in Cabramatta we had a seminar on Prophetic Activation. It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone present moved up in their understanding of the nature of prophetic ministry, their ability to hear God, and their ability to prophesy accurately. We had a really nice ministry time afterward that was both powerful and gentle, and some people who might not have expected much from the Lord in the normal course of things got touched profoundly.

Separately, while I was in Richmond last week, the Lord continued to visit his people with healing and deliverance. This was profound stuff, with freedom coming to a variety of very complex conditions including deep-seated rage/anger, homosexuality and bisexuality, and bipolar disorders. Jesus is ready, willing and able to bring freedom to even the most deep-seated bondages. Are you ready to receive?