Vertigo Healed - Bethel

Shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page


A lady in Alès, France shared this testimony after a word of knowledge was given for heart problems:

I had an operation on my heart, and God has already done something during the surgery, or else I would not be here. Everything was fine, but for a few months, things have been going a bit crazy, and my heart has been racing.

The cardiologist said I had to do something. They gave me a treatment, but the side effects are that I have had vertigo and problems with my blood pressure. I was feeling sick. I saw my doctor just before yesterday, and he told me I needed more treatment.

I also had problems with blood circulation. Now I can tell it's circulating.

I can stand up and sit down without vertigo. While people were praying, I could feel my heart beating normally, and I'm seeing my cardiologist in 15 days.