Hug Him and Tell Him His Sins Are Forgiven- Bethel

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One night we did a crusade-night on Revolution Street in downtown Tijuana. As the program was rolling, I was in the crowd, and a man approached me trying to sell a plastic flower. He seemed high on drugs/alcohol. I told him that Jesus loves him so much. He didn't respond to this; rather, he seemed to close up like, "Oh, you're one of those trying to tell me about Jesus."

I asked Holy Spirit, "How should I reach this man?" Immediately, I got, "Hug him!" As he kept talking and mumbling, I put my arm around him and started to pat his back. I felt how his walls came down, and he opened up to me. After a little while, I felt prompted to tell him that his sins were forgiven. "Really?" was his response. I explained how the blood of Jesus paid for all of his sins and for him to be a free and beloved son of God. He started weeping and I kept hugging him. I asked him if he had ever received Jesus before. He said, "Yes, but this time it is special." I believe he became a new man after that.

—Third-year intern, Stefan Djurachkovitch