Fibromyalgia Healed - New York City

April.25. 2013

A team of business revivalists was having dinner at a restaurant in NYC near a table of women who were celebrating a birthday and making just as much noise—but for different reasons. The business revivalists decided to go over and give them a spiritual blessing. It turns out they are French Canadian teachers. The team just happened to have a member from France, so they got her to bless them in French, then in English with the team surrounding and laying hands on their shoulders. Next, groups of revivalists were praying over each teacher for physical and other kinds of pain and generally releasing hope and blessing. One of the women had fibromyalgia and would wake each morning with pain and low energy. The next day, the business team members were having lunch in downtown NYC and literally bumped into the same woman! She had woken that morning feeling great!