3 Year Olds Symptoms of Rare Brain Stem Tumor are Disappearing - John Mellor

John Mellor 4/25/2013

Outstanding testimony shared this evening. A family came with their 3 year old daughter who has been suffering from a rare brain stem tumor since she was born. When she was born, one of her pupils was twice the size of normal - a symptom of the tumor, plus she became cross eyed as the tumor grew. No one has ever survived this type of cancer. However, after prayer two weeks ago at Citipointe West, her eyes are no longer cross eyed and her pupil has become normal in size!!! Doctors want to wait a few months before doing a scan, but the parents are confident it will confirm significant change as so many symptoms have disappeared. They came for a top up prayer tonight and to testify what Jesus is doing for their little girl, Charlie. Awesome God!