Crippled Lady Healed by Power of God After Doctors Pray - The Greater Works - UK

Crippled Lady Healed by Power of God

(shared from The Greater Works website - link is on our connections page)

This lady was crippled and came in with a walking stick and multiple serious problems including arthritis in her legs, elbows, shoulders and neck, pain in the head, damage to the vertebrae and a heart condition. She was healed of everything, including debilitating pain, which had lasted 8 years.

In this photo she is holding up the pain tablets that were all the medical profession could offer her. God offered her something better: an instant, miracle cure!

She was clearly touched by God. Moments before this photo was taken she stood without her cane, with her hands raised high and tears rolling down her face. She knew that her God had healed her. The doctor who had been unable to help her also stood crying at the work of God.

I watched this lady hours later walk to the harbor from where we were leaving, to wave us goodbye. She was standing at a distance, tall and straight and smiling, lifting up the bible I had given her (thank you to all those who contributed by sending the money for those bibles!) high in the air in her hand. At first I didn't recognize her. She looked like a new woman. No longer crippled or broken, but strong and free.

- The Lame Shall Walk! 

(photo of woman can be seen on conributors website)