Surgery Cancelled After Knife Wound Supernaturally Healed When Doctor Prayed -The Greater Works- UK

Testimony shared from The Greater Works website. Link is on our connections page.

TGN is blessed to have The Greater Works testimonies to be shared for the world to see and praise our wonderful Jesus.

A young man had been attacked by youths in South London while simply out buying lunch. He sustained knife wounds to his left arm and was taken by ambulance to Kings hospital. The doctors were concerned about loss of use/mobility to the arm due to nerve damage. He was was being prepped for surgery when we got the call.

I was 5 minutes from the hospital having just arrived back in the country hours before. With a room full of his friends and family in the room anxiously waiting for him to be taken downstairs for surgery, I laid hands over the temporarily bandaged wound and commanded that it would heal supernaturally under my hand without any need for surgery. I asked if he could agree with me. Despite a room full of spectators looking uncomfortable with this, he considered and then nodded ‘yes’.

When they took him down to surgery moments later they removed the bandaging and discovered that the wound was healed, no nerve damage and no longer any need for surgical intervention. Praise God.