Cyst on Face Disappears and Paralyzed Man Can Now Stand and Walk - Roselyn Lopez

Roselyn Lopez (shared from facebook April 2014) - Philippines

Also last night after our impart class this amazing girl approach me and said: do you still remember me? remember our last impart class i came to you and asked you for an impartation and to pray for me to have a compassionate heart like yours, to pray for the sick ,to heal the sick and to share JESUS?

Then i said oh yes i remember you , then she said just wanna share to you something, this week i prayed for a woman who had a cyst in her face and neck as i was praying for her the cyst instantly gone then she felt and experienced the love of the LORD, then i said OH MY GOD !!!!

Then she said again and i wanna add, I prayed also for an old man who had been paralyzed recently, he can’t move his body and he can’t stand then after I prayed for him, he can now move his body, he can stand and walk and because of that I had the courage to share the love of GOD to His Family and now I am so hungry for more of GOD!!!!!

OH MY GOD!! I dont know what to say, I`m speechless!! it`s all about YOU JESUSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Thank YOU LORD for the double portion!!!!