Woman with a Cold instantly Healed - Greg McCoy

Greg McCoy  Oct 29, 2011

Today, I was joking with a worker in a store while waiting for the keys to a glass display case. I asked if she could just reach through the glass like Criss Angel etc....She said "oh no, I have no magic".

I said that is too bad, you should get some. She gave me a look and asked oh YOU have magic? I said oh yeah. She asked what kind of magic. I said spiritual. God's most Holy Spirit lives IN me.

Right then she sniffs and I find out she has a stuffed up nose. I told her to give me her hand and ministered healing to her in Jesus name. She instantly felt better and went over and started singing Hillsong on the Karaoke that was setup in the store. She had a beautiful voice and was not singing due to her cold.

It was a really cool way to wrap up the preaching my wife and I were doing in the store. With a demonstration of power showing God's supremacy and love. And in front of all the workers and customers. God wins again :-)