The Cloud of Witness - Heidi Baker Conference Sarasota, FL

Charo Wilson April 8, 2013---Last weekend in a meeting with Roland baker, this picture was visible only in the camera!! It was a comissioning happening that day!! So awesome!

I want to share this picture taken in Sarasota, in a conference with Heidi Baker. A friend of mine took the picture, in the natural we could not see it ;but we felt the strong presence of God and his realm, he was taking the picture to see if he got angels or things and this appeared. When he gave it to me, he only saw the cloud, but as I looked at it, right away i saw the faces, wowww!!! I did ask,what is it Lord? Right away I hear "the cloud of witness". So awesome!!! Wanted to SHARE WITH YOU ALL! BE BLESSED!!
glory cloud florida.jpg