American Idol Matheus Fernandez is Given a Word - Airika MissLadybug

MissLadybug gives a prophetic song and word over Matheus Fernandez of American Idol.

This is Matheus from American Idol. Typically I don't watch the show because I've been on the show and met people that in return were made fun of on the show, or told "they weren't ready" as an artist. My friends Ginny and Steve recorded the episode and had me go into their room to watch a particular episode and told me that I would love this guy, Matheus Fernandez, that happened to be on this episode. He shared his desire to sing and How God had given him this gift of singing. They ended up eliminating him on the show and told him "sorry but we don't think you are ready" broke my heart to see this. At the ASCAP expo, there was anguish in my heart after some disheartening things had happened to me that day after praying for many people, but I prayed for God to ignite more power to pray through my heartache. 5 minutes later I bumped into Matheus and knew that it was a God thing. I said, "I know who you are ! Can I pray for you?" He says to me, "Are you serious? I was just praying for a sign 2 hours ago of how I should keep going at this conference (because American keeps you exclusively under contract for a certain amount of time after the show, thus limiting other opportunities). I was able to sing for Matheus and he said he was touched by my gift of singing and I got to pray for Gods destiny in his career to be unveiled. Matheus hugged me and said he had found a new friend in MissLadybug. I told him "American Idol" is small compared to the platform God brings, and man tells us we are small and not ready, but you will be like David defeating Goliath and you are ready and have a Big destiny in Gods eyes!" He said, "Wow! You don't know what this means to me! Thank you.

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”